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Improve Your Digestion With These Helpful Tips.

October 30, 2017
Digestion’s one of those bodily functions we tend to take for granted… until it’s not working properly. Imagine your digestive tract’s like a creek. When it’s flowing freely, the fresh clear water’s keeps everything within and around it healthy. When the flow’s obstructed, the water stagnates and icky stuff starts to appear; or it may attempt to flow in a different direction. Signs of food stagnating in or not moving correctly through the digestive tract include bloating, reflux, nausea, gas, pain, poor appetite, feeling full quickly and altered bowel movements. Children often develop red cheeks when their digestion’s not working well. Skin rashes can even result from difficulty digesting certain foods. If an ingested substance isn’t needed or is causing inflammation, peeing or pooing it out are the usual eliminatory avenues. However, when these processes are overwhelmed, the skin provides another option for pushing out irritants. To top off the discomfort of digestive problems, you may notice that your moods slide downhill too. Why? Because compromised absorption of nutrients leaves your body low in ingredients for making neurotransmitters and hormones. So no matter how hard the brain tries, it doesn’t have what it needs to get the balance right. So, what can you do to make your digestive organs happier? Chewing your food until it’s mushy is important. Your stomach doesn’t have blender blades to smoosh things up for easy movement through the sphincters between each organ. Nor is it easy for enzymes to cleave the useful little molecules off chunks of food. Taking time to be in a relaxed space where you can enjoy focusing on the pleasure of eating allows your nervous system to properly direct the digestive process. In Chinese Medicine, the organs that digest food are also perceived to digest thoughts and emotions. And there’s only so much they can do all at once… Many people also find that diaphragm breathing, walking, qigong, yoga and dietary choices can help. In the Wellwood clinic, Jay most commonly works with acupuncture and tuina when presented with digestive dysfunction. There’s a few thousand years’ of anecdotal evidence of efficacy, and increasing amounts of strong evidence from clinical trials and systematic reviews to support this. A less well-known treatment modality is Chi Nei Tsang – massage of the internal organs. The main focus in these treatments is on the abdomen, to improve circulation and function in this vital area. Jay’s been working with Chi Nei Tsang for 5 years; both as a sole therapy and in conjunction with acupuncture, diet and other massage therapies. She recently returned from further studying CNT in Thailand. For more information, research references and to make bookings with Dr Jay Bull (acupuncturist) at Wellwood Health, visit my website or call 0412 546 847 Love yourself; improve your health… because you deserve to feel better.

Artist in Residence – Alla Art

October 27, 2017
I was born in Belarus, living in Australia sins 2005. My creations express my knowledge and skills through the integration of two cultures. In my early childhood I used to be very creative and I would draw, paint and create things with my hands with every opportunity. Also, I was lucky to meet very talented teachers on my life journey. That’s how my childhood dream of becoming an artist came true. I work with many art techniques but my favorite is Watercolor. Water base techniques are not static; movement and fluidity are the hallmark of this art form, playing with the colours and water generate delight and excitement. Sometimes unpredictable result of effects surprise me and admirers of my art. My talent is result of many years of practice and good professional education. Also I have been working with children for more than 15 years as Teacher of Fine Art and they have helped me to broaden horizons of my creativity and inspiration. Topics of my paintings and drawings are beauty of moment that I have happened to observe in daily live and perform it on silk, paper or canvas. There are the moments that make me feel a little deeper, make me more loving and kinder. Also it could be my fantasy and dreams. The best reward for me is when people who are looking at my artwork experience the same inspirational emotions I did at that unforgettable moment. Thank you to everyone who shares these feelings and joy of live with me. Watercolor is the kind of techniques where I can express myself as an artist the most. The joy of creative work, perhaps, is one of the true sources of my happiness. I have participated in art exhibitions and competitions regularly and won a few prizes and awards. My paintings are always in demand and I sell them successfully. Positive feedback and good comments about my artwork always make me confident and motivate me to further develop my art skills and professionalism. Alla Art You can now view Alla’s art work on the many Cabin walls at Wellwood Health for the months of November and December. Alternatively you can view more of her work via her Facebook or Instagram pages.

Love Yourself Back To Your Authentic Self Through Self Care

October 26, 2017
In October I had a funeral for my past – a letting go in order to fully live and embrace my future from a clear slate. On that day it marked a closing off some old chapters of my life so that I could write the new ones with a clean page and new pen! As you may or may not know I had a marriage separation earlier this year. This was certainly not something I was expecting to happen when I made plans for 2017 however in hindsight leaving the man I totally loved, cherished and would’ve given my life for was an act of absolute self care. I’m not saying you have to leave your partner in order to take care of yourself – however what I am saying is that sometimes we just have to really let go of the illusions, addictions, beliefs and fantasies of the things in our lives that we may have out grown or no longer serve us. Generally these dramas are stories from the past that we cannot change and they’re causing us continual grief and suffering or possibly limiting us from being our real selves, pursuing our potential, dreams and goals. Being who we were born to be should be a priority no matter what roles we play in life, so should taking proper self care of ourselves. Through the last five months I’ve done some deep healing work, I’ve questioned myself to no end about what I could’ve done better, I’ve looked at what my part was in what I thought was my happily ever after and done what some may seem to consider extreme and intensive transformational work to move through my grief and sadness not only to heal the grips from my previous lover, but to also let go of all of the sob stories and baggage I was carrying from many years ago to a point which was before I was even born! The payoff has been great , I’ve learned to really love and forgive myself and others and how to simply let stuff go. So many people I meet everyday are feeling stuck, they’re feeling empty or they have a heap of drama or dis-ease going on that’s the cause of great suffering. They’re on anti depressant medication or numbing their lives out through alcohol, drugs and social media to mask up and hide away instead of fixing the problems. So, what I’m doing to acknowledge the death of my relationship and past events is to put an end to my story of heartbreak and sadness and to start and celebrate my new beginning – I’m having a funeral. We’ve all had to let go of something at some point in our lives be it our job, our family, our dreams or the like, we seem to love hanging on to stuff that we should’ve let go but we can’t – it’s like we are pain junkies, it’s like we secretly love and need the

Be Your Own Best Friend – Mastering Self Love

October 26, 2017
One of the biggest problems we have in our world is a lack of self-respect and self-love. Because the ego projects everything outside of itself; we tend to desire respect and love from others without giving it to our self first. This is problematic because we are expecting others to give us, what they too have not developed for themselves. Until we become conscious of this behavioural pattern within the human psyche, we will continue to create a cycle of pain and lack of authenticity because we are not aligned with OUR souls heart felt intentions! Unfortunately, many of us have allowed our self to become aligned with someone else’s projected egoic desires and expectations they should put on themselves, but have projected onto us. For example, “How many times have you disrespected your self by putting other people’s dreams and desires ahead of your own?” Humans who are not aligned with the power of their souls heartfelt desires become very demanding on others to do the job for them! They will project all of their issues onto everyone outside of themselves expecting others to fulfil their needs, and oftentimes their very own dreams, so they can live vicariously through our energy stream and us. Victim consciousness and the need to save and fix others by sacrificing our own happiness is the old energy paradigm that will not work anymore. If you continue to support the negative belief system of sacrifice and saving others, you will find your self in a tremendous amount of chaos. There is no need for anyone to sacrifice his or her heart’s desires for someone else. Each one of us has come into this life to fulfil our own souls divine plan. When we are aligned with our truth, joy, happiness and heartfelt desires we empower others to align with their soul power and soul joy as well. We’re being asked to step into our own power and align with our own souls wisdom. We can no longer reside in victim consciousness expecting others to do for us what we can do for our SELF. We must BE and SEE everyone as the powerful creators that we truly are. The best way to help others is to be so aligned with the intuition of our own soul that we will know, with great clarity, when it is a heartfelt desire to “be of service” to others and when it is a heart felt desire to allow others the opportunity to “grow themselves.”  We can’t honour the God or Goddess in each being, and also take their power away by doing everything for them. We are in the time of empowerment and transparency. It is time for each one of us to accept responsibility for the SELF. Our own health, happiness, joys, and our own soul’s mission. For it is when each person accepts responsibility for the SELF, their own energy, and their own ascending consciousness that this planet will heal and transform with great rapidity. We

The Many Benefits Of Pilates

October 17, 2017
Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. He devised the Pilates method as a new approach to exercise and body-conditioning. Referred in the early days as ‘Controlology’, it later became known by his own surname – Pilates. He conceived it as a mental, as well as a physical conditioning, in which individuals could work their bodies to their full potential. Pilates requires both concentration and focus as you move through the precise exercises. It has a specific rhythm and breathing pattern that helps you to lengthen the muscles, while increasing their strength and stability. Each exercise has a series of modifications that allow the Pilates method to be suitable for all levels of fitness, from the elite athlete to the novice beginner. It is also very beneficial for people rehabilitating an injury, or those who are pregnant. Pilates has many physical and emotional benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below… Easy on your joints Improved flexibility Increased muscle strength Symmetry in the body and its muscular system Improved strength of your stabilising muscles Improved posture Improved balance Rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to imbalances Improved coordination A great way to learn to relax dominating muscles Improved circulation through the breath Increased lung capacity Helps with concentration Better body awareness Helps eleviate stress Increase in overall tone and definition Pilates can be a complete exercise routine by visiting two – three times per week, or it can be combined with other exercises such as yoga, running, weight sessions or high intensity interval training. If you are a lover of a good sweat session then Pilates may not be your thing, but try going into the class thinking of it as your stretch session rather than your workout, so you are not disappointed! Book your first class today – BOOK NOW!