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June 12, 2019
ACUYIN = YIn Yoga + Acupressure combined to encourage, stimulate & speed up the body’s innate healing ability.   Acupressure points of the body are concentrated points of high Chi flow. When these are stimulated directly we enhance our body’s electrical currents of energy & clear through any blockages or stagnation resulting in a free flow of Chi! Accompanied by Yin Yoga to further release congestion in the meridian lines of the body to deepen the effect and help experience an energy shift.   Yin Yoga is a wonderful form of relaxing & renewing placement of the body to open up connective tissue tension & stress. Accompanied with breath techniques, this is a journey of self-exploration that improves sleep, flexibility, mood, calmness, understanding of your body & mind connection.   Wellwood Health is hosting a Acuyin workshop in Loganholme on Sunday the 16th of June 2019. This workshop addresses the ‘home first aid kit’ general points of acupressure adaptable to everyone. There is an Acuyin workbook & Acupen to accompany this workshop for you to take home & continue to use these methods on yourself & your family. Book The June Workshop Here

Learning How To Master Your Inner State Of Wellness

February 26, 2019
What state of wellness are you living in? As our world becomes more and more complex and demanding by the day, it is clear to see how so many people struggle with maintaining optimum states. Attention-grabbing events, devices and to-do lists are so far beyond what our neurology is able to handle that we are now living in entirely uncharted territory regarding the potential long-term effects on our overall wellness. The ability to dissociate from stressful events could well be the most important thing we can teach our kids in future generations. When a person can dissociate from outside events they are free to choose how to respond. Our conscious mind only has enough attention for a limited amount of stimulation and when we live in an environment of excess stuff, digital connection and endless media, we spend much of our time REACTING instead of thinking, creating and experiencing. When you know how to choose your inner states, your environment matters little. Everything “out there” is only as relevant, valid, meaningful or meaningless as who or what “in here” chooses it to be. How much of your life do you spend worrying, stressing, arguing, fighting, gossiping, hating, envying, procrastinating? How much time to your spend on curiosity, adventure, contentment, love, joy or happiness? The things that actually keep you in a state of wellness? Invest your time in learning how to master your “inner states” and not allowing what happens in your outer world to determine how you feel. Food For Thought. – Johnny Johnny is one of Wellwood Health Loganholme resident Naturopaths and is available for Naturopathic Self-Care Bundles The Naturopathic Self-Care Bundle is: 1 x 90min Initial Consult + 2 x 60min Follow-ups Investment: $297.00 Book Here : Tues pm OR Wed am.

Energetic Healing For Relaxation

December 19, 2018
In this modern world in which we live anxiety, stress and depression are commonplace, even affecting the younger generation today in large numbers.   If you are looking for a better way to cope with stress and anxiety and rebalance the body energetically to allow for healing and the clearing of old patterns that are no longer serving your best interests,  then I have something to offer you. Blending The Ancient Healing Tradition of Reiki With New Science The Energy Field Science has now proven beyond the shadow of a doubt what all Energy Healers have always known and that is the existence of an energy field surrounding our bodies which can now be measured and photographed with sensitive scientific equipment.  This is exciting news! If we can first understand that stress, anxiety or illness are the results of interruptions to this energy field, then we must also understand that the body must be treated as an entire field, energetically speaking, in order to re-establish our full healing potential.  There is no successful way to treat an individual symptom or single part of the body, the body will always compensate in some way, resulting in a game of symptom chasing, leaving the body even more exhausted, anxious or unwell. Relax and Rebalance Blending the ancient healing tradition of Reiki with the new science of Reconnective Healing and Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique, you can book a 30 minute or 60 minutes individually structured Energy Clearing session that will help you relax and rebalance. An Energy Clearing session will assist in balancing all body systems, clear long-held emotional patterns, beliefs and traumas and allow the body to heal. Leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and restored. Lianne Cameron Bio-Energetic Synchronization Therapist   You can book an Energy Clearing session at Wellwood Health in Loganholme 7 days a week. You can read about our Energy Practitioner right here on our website. You can have a 60 minute Energy Clearing Session for $89 or a 30 minute Energy Clearing session for $49. BOOK NOW  

What Is Homeopathy?

December 19, 2018
Homœopathy treats the “whole person” which means that two people presenting with the same complaint may receive a different medicine based on their individual symptoms and emotional response to the illness. Homœopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, over 200 years ago and is based on the principle of “like curing like” although the principles go back further to Hippocrates & Paraselcus.   “like curing like”   What type of medicine will be given? Homœopathic medicines are made utilising predominately plant, animal & mineral substances in dilution to stimulate the body’s own natural healing response. They are prepared according to strict guidelines set out in international pharmacopoeias and under the control of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Since the medicines are very dilute, homœopathic medicines are considered gentle in their action when prescribed by a registered homœopath.   What conditions can homœopathy treat? As indicated previously, a wide range of both acute and chronic illnesses may benefit from homœopathic medicine. – Acute illnesses commonly prescribed for include: sports injuries, coughs, colds, diarrhoea, hay fever, travel sickness. Homœopathy may also be of help in deeper, more chronic diseases, including a wide range of illnesses: autoimmune diseases and on-going chronic complaints for which conventional medicine often has nothing further to offer. Today, extensive clinical experience, observation and research continue to support homœopathy’s effectiveness for a wide range of complaints for men, women, children, infants and the elderly.   What does a visit to a homœopath involve? An in-depth investigation is all important when taking a homœopathic case. As well as asking about your symptoms, a homœopathic practitioner will be interested in you as an individual and the unique way in which your symptoms affect you. The first consultation with a homœopath may take an hour or more, however, simple acute complaints may only take 15-30 minutes. Information relating to current symptoms and past medical history will be required. Questions may also be asked about diet, sleep, lifestyle, and about some mental and emotional aspects. Physical examinations may be required according to the particular complaint. Treatment then involves the prescription of the most suitable medicine, matching all of the symptoms and individual characteristics of the patient to the medicine. Two people with the same condition may have very different prescriptions because of their own unique set of symptoms. Your practitioner might also advise general lifestyle and dietary changes as part of a treatment plan or recommend a visit to a General Practitioner or for tests to be carried out.   Research According to the Faculty of Homeopathy, UK, between 1950 and 2014 over 104 Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT’s) were published in peer review journals which describe statistically significant results. Of these RCT’s comparing homœopathy with placebo or conventional medicine, 43 reported positive results for homœopathy.1 The largest ever National Health Service (UK) homœopathic study, carried out in Bristol, spanned 6 years of research with over 6500 individual patients: – chronic diseases such as eczema, migraine, arthritis, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel

What Does a Naturopath Do?

December 18, 2018
First of all, it is important to acknowledge that naturopathic medicine encompasses a body of healing practices and not just one. It supports the body’s natural healing processes through a range of alternative therapies. Naturopaths are trained in many areas of speciality in order to create personalized treatment for ailing patients. It is also important to note that naturopaths are designed to work alongside your GP or Doctor. How it Works With naturopathic medicine, the body’s reactions to illnesses – such as fever, inflammation and pain – are seen in a positive light. They are considered signs that the body is healing itself. Instead of disrupting this healing process, practitioners strive to support it by using a combination of solutions. Treatments used include nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and homoeopathy. Naturopaths often use therapeutic exercise, pharmacology, counseling and soft tissue manipulation as well. In some cases, light therapy and electrical devices are applied. Principles of Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic specialists abide by a certain code of ethics and principles. Natural Healing Power Naturopathic treatment aims to promote self-healing. In other words, symptoms should not be vilified but should be used as useful indicators of malfunctions in the body. Therapies should, therefore, be directed at encouraging homeostasis instead of simply suppressing symptoms. Causes vs. Effects To adequately treat a health condition, the remedy should uproot the cause instead of only eliminating the effects. A cough, for instance, is an effect or symptom. It is the cause of a cough that should be the focus of treatment. Do No Harm Any therapy administered by a naturopath should not cause any harm to the patient or worsen the existing condition. Practitioners must protect the patient by selecting safe solutions. Holistic Healing Naturopathic medicine should provide holistic healing. Because health is influenced by physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental factors, treatment must consider all related factors and provide help in all relevant areas. Prevention is Cure Practitioners of this discipline advise patients not to wait for health conditions to advance before seeking help. Prevention is considered the best cure. Physicians are Teachers Naturopathic practitioners have a responsibility to teach patients about healthy living. Treatment can provide temporary relief but education is the secret to a lifetime of good health.   Conditions Treated by Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic medicine is ideal for treating degenerative and chronic conditions. Patients can also experience relief from symptoms of: • Traumatic injuries • Diet conditions • Fertility and Pre and Post-natal conditions • Infections • Acute illnesses that produce pain and fever   The Consultation Consultations with a naturopath are similar to a conventional doctor as both conduct medical interviews, physical examinations and lab tests. The duration of a typical consultation is 60 – 90 minutes and quite often more than one appointment is required. You may also be prescribed supplements and given dietary advice. We have a number of Naturopaths are Wellwood Health, each of them specialising in different areas of expertise. You can review our therapists via our ‘Naturopath’ page,