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Reflecting on 3 years in Business

September 5, 2017
On the 1st of September I celebrated 3 years in Business for Wellwood Health, a journey that has brought me some humbling highs, gut wrenching lows, soul changing lessons and an education in self that has changed me as a person. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of starting and I can see why, small business is hard!   “It’s often said that the first five years in business are a real test of survival but those who work in small business say it’s actually the first three years that show whether they will survive and whether the owner has what it takes” – Anne Maree Moodie, Sydney Morning Herald   Reflection for me is a huge contributing factor to surviving and the process that is ‘building a business.’ I reflect on the past week, month, quarter, year/s and I adjust accordingly and quickly. When you reflect you give yourself an opportunity to acknowledge your actions, assess how you handled yourself / situation, find the lesson in it and move forward. I try not to dwell, which is hard if your ego has been hurt or you had a negative experience that deeply affected you, but dwelling is a time waster and we all know that time is precious in business. If you don’t move forward quickly then the business can get away from you and before you know it, you are sinking.   “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey   Throughout the 3 years I have learnt a lot and sometimes I have had to learn the same lesson multiple times. Here are a few lessons that have helped me grow, both in business and as a person: BOUNDARIES Setting boundaries can be hard, especially in the early stages of business because you are working like a shark to be the number one driving force behind your businesses growth. Without them you are fast tracking yourself towards burn out and you are going to have to deal with feelings of regret, anger and frustration. Boundaries are knowing and understanding your limits and the limits of your business. Tune into your feelings, set your boundaries, be assertive and back your decisions. BACK YOURSELF When I was 21 years old, I was appointed the role of an Assistant Store Manager for a large corporation. I was the youngest Assistant Store Manager ever to be appointed and thats because I was great at my job. Unfortunately I had a chauvinist pig of a manager that would undermine every decision I made, especially when it came to my staff. This affected me for years and caused me to doubt myself every time I communicated with people, every time I would delegate work and every time I would make a big business decision. Self doubt is a killer! If you spend time reflecting and learning and you know that your

The Side Project

August 29, 2017
THE SIDE PROJECT BY CREATIVE CONSULTING An interview series, focusing on global “outside of the box” thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs  SIDE PROJECTS, they keep us energised, focused and inspired and often become the catalyst for creating something bigger for ourselves. Sometimes spun from a passing thought or one brewed over time, a hobby can quickly become something to build a career on.  On the Side Project, we shine a light on those pursuing their passion and hustling to break the nine to five mold.  The hope?  To captivate, inspire and connect. www.creativeconsulting.com.au/the-side-project     “I really wanted to create a space where people could feel better about themselves in a caring, nurturing, non-showy environment.”   What did you want to be when you grew up? Growing up, we used to travel a lot, and I always loved road houses, so at one point in my younger years I wanted to be a truck driver when I grew up. From a kids point of view, it looked like a job with so much freedom! As a teenager, I got right into drawing and designing gowns and I was seriously considering a career in fashion design. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a town an hour north of the Victorian and NSW Border called Yerong Creek in NSW. It had a population of about 150 people. Where do you live now? Right now I live in the suburbs of Brisbane’s South in Loganholme Queensland. What inspires you? I get inspiration from Business owners, entrepreneurs, people who just have that ‘lets do this’ attitude, people who are not afraid of change in their life. How did your Side Project come about? My side project had been brewing inside me for some time. I was plotting along being a Personal trainer and I thought that I would be happy to do that for the rest of my life, but my creative side was just itching to get into a big project. It was all I could think about, it consumed me for months. I really wanted to create a space where people could feel better about themselves in a caring, nurturing, non-showy environment. So I set out to create Wellwood Health. What stage is your Side Project in? Wellwood Health is still in the Startup stage. What’s your day job/what was your day job? My day job was a personal trainer. I worked for myself within my home studio and I also had contracts training corporate companies. How do you balance the nine-to-five with your Side Project? My side project and my day job merged themselves together as soon as I opened the doors to Wellwood Health. About 12 months in I let go of my corporate clients. This was due to a few reasons, I didn’t enjoy it and it kept pulling me away from the main goal. Although I was relieved to let them go, it wasn’t easy, it was like letting go of a security blanket. At that point, I

My Journey To Pilates

August 23, 2017
As a child I always enjoyed being active. I would like to try different sports, and although I wasn’t always very good at them I liked to give things a go. I think I just liked to move. I’ve tried my hand at tennis, soccer, netball, cross country, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cricket, hockey and baseball. Hockey seemed to be the only one I seemed to have a talent for but I still liked to do it all. It was in my teenage years that health issues started to negatively impact my life. Symptoms over a few years that would seem unrelated but turned out to have the same simple answer. First what would become to be known in my house as “Jo’s attacks”. Initially starting with severe abdominal pains and vomiting which would last for hours, over time became increasingly more severe and longer with each “attack” until I started being hospitalised. Without connecting the dots I was also experiencing major instability within my hip joints, which was causing me all sorts of problems while trying to be active. And there was the constant headache that would get worse as the day went on. I started to forgot what it felt like to not be in pain. Pain had become my new normal at the age of 15. Tests, x-rays and scans and no answers. I also started to have other symptoms which had me referred for brain scans and to a neurologist. Still no answers. Lucky for me I had parents who were open to alternate therapies. One look into my eyes by an iridologist to tell me that the “attacks” were being caused by my hips. A visit to the chiropractor confirmed that my pelvis was twisted and out of alignment. Looking at x-rays from this different perspective and I was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis. I had several nerve impingements through my spine and all of a sudden I had an answer to all my problems. I started regular chiropractic which drastically helped however I had become much less active. While looking for a new way to move in my late teens I first discovered Pilates. It was a great way to improve my posture and alignment and build my strength. I personally found that it helped maintain my chiropractic adjustments for longer and minimised and even repaired some of my issues caused by the scoliosis. This started my love of Pilates for the great benefits it has on the body and mind. I have practised for 15 years and always been mindful of the Pilates principals in any other form of exercise I partake in. It is the one form of exercise that I have always sought out due to the amazing results that it provides. My experience as a teenager also created a desire in me to gain and understanding of the body and its systems in both optimum health as well as injury and illness and how to try to bring the body back

Be Unique

August 18, 2017
Have you wondered what is unique about you? There is a lot of course, just think about your DNA. Really, when you take a moment to look at what is unique about a person what if we considered the true value of uniqueness. Kosuke Takemura (Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol 45, 10, 2014) conducted some amazing research about ‘Being Different Leads to Being Connected.’ In this piece of research, Takemura discovers that in some cultures, a high need for uniqueness (NFU) is positively linked with life satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, and income. What value is there when a collection of unique thinkers come together in a society, in an organisation, or in a specialised team? Have you ever wondered how you can take your uniqueness to the next level and create your destiny with more clarity and achieve those beyond goals? Interestingly, our uniqueness can enable us to achieve in both our personal and professional lives. Marianne van Woerkom and Maaike de Bruijn reported in the ‘Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology’ (2016, Vol 9, Issue 2, pp. 275-281), that concentrating on employee strength and maximising those strengths can strengthen motivation for improved performance outcomes. Considering both journal articles leads me to wonder about how we connect unique and motivated people who have high levels of life satisfaction as well as relational satisfaction with business or individual leadership success in a long-lasting way. In another short article, I write about ‘True North’ and leadership. It seems clear to me that there is a powerful connection between uniqueness, self-awareness, character leadership and success. When was the last time you identified the unique qualities you have that have directly helped you to achieve a positive outcome that has benefited you and others? To be unique can mean different things to different people and if we want to get clear on manifesting uniqueness for the betterment of the world, we can do that now. This is a topic I am enthusiastic about so let’s talk about how you can unleash your uniqueness in a meaningful way and create positive change. To learn more about being unique, enrol in StrategiseMe, Business Mastery or NLP Starter. Alternatively call me to talk about accentuating your uniqueness. Glen Palmer Master NLP Coach & Trainer

Spinal Alignment Yoga

August 15, 2017
The spine has two major functions. It serves to keep the body balanced and upright, and it works to protect the central nervous system. When the spinal column is in its proper alignment, the entire body is in balance, and the central nervous system is able to facilitate communication between the body and the brain at an efficient rate. Stress, tension and injury can cause the spine to become misaligned. If you are experiencing head aches, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, joint pain or fatigue you may find a misaligned spine may be a contributing factor. Good rest, exercising, stretching, investing in good shoes, good posture and regular body treatments can all contribute to maintaining a great spine. On Wednesday the 16th of August Glenys Randall from Earth Essence will be commencing a 4-week Spinal Alignment Yoga class in the Wellwood Cabin Hall.  During this class you will be given specific instructions and propping to align each person, for the purpose of preparing the body to open as fully as possible, and awaken the Nadi channels for deep meditation. We begin the class in supported Shavasana with a body meditation and ujjayi breathing, followed by a sequence of Asanas that work directly on the tail bone then the sacrum continuing up the spine. Subtle releases and openings of the specific muscles that hold the spine takes place. With awareness these subtle softening’s can be felt and the result is beneficial for bringing balance and optimum alignment to the body. There are gentle adjustments given within the session. These assist the body to let go of holding patterns and create better flow. We end in supported Shavasana with a full body Mudra to seal the benefits of your Yoga practice.

New to Wellwood Health?


Get your first 5 or 10 class pack at 50% of the normal price!

New to Wellwood Health?


Get your first 5 or 10 class pack at 50% of the normal price!