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Summer Body Confidence #12 Juice Cleanse

December 12, 2017
Cleansing the body a couple of times a year is a great way to reboot the system. It gives the digestive system a break, and allows the body time to process some of those stored toxins and extra fats. A juice cleanse can give the body a break from the normal digestive load we put it under, it can also rid you of some bad habits, reset your digestion and give your inside a great clean up! A few other benefits of cleansing are: Supports the immune system; Replenishes nutrients; Produces weight loss and a reduction in those normally hard to budge areas; Increases energy; Reduces bloating, gas and stomach upsets; and; Reduce cellulite. There are many ways to cleanse the body and so many programs on the market that I understand why people become overwhelmed with it all. Choosing the right one is really going to come down to preference and time. If you are time poor and need something on the go then perhaps look towards a pre made juice cleanse that is delivered to your door. If you are up for the challenge and ready to give your juicer one hell of a workout then a do it yourself juice cleanse can be a lot of fun. Here are my three recommendations to help you on your juice cleansing journey. Juzcit!  What i love about Juzcit is the fact that they include activated milks with their cleanses, this really helps you get through  some tough hunger times in the first few days of cleansing. They also have a ‘build your own cleanse’ option and Afterpay. Winning! Sol Cleanse! Sol Cleanse break their cleanses into levels and even have a ‘is this the right cleanse for me’ quiz. This quiz can help you decide on where to start and how hard to go in the beginning. Sol also have a broth and greens cleanse option which is great if you need more warming foods for yin or yang deficiencies. Food Matters! If you are ready for the juicing challenge and are ready to take it on yourself then Food Matters are my go to for Detox and Juice Cleanse programs. With downloadable shopping lists, meal plans and plenty of tips along the way, you are sure to find a program that suits your needs. My two favourites are the ‘3 day detox‘ and the ‘7 day juice challenge.’   Goals for the week – Try a 1 day Juice Cleanse  

Summer Body Confidence #11 Rejuvenate The Skin

December 10, 2017
Our skin is quiet often excluded when we think about our organs. The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays a very important role in the body’s ability to function optimally. The skin is not only the body’s main defence mechanisms for the immune system but it is also the body’s main way to detoxify itself. Being the largest organ and also it’s the organ that is most visible, the skin quiet often tells the story of our health. The skin can become dry, dull, blemished and sallow when it is not looked after properly. Without a daily regime of skin care a lifestyle diet of fast food, caffeine, sugar, GM food, pollution and stress will cause the skin to suffer and signs of bad health would be easy to see. You can improve your skin in a number of ways both internally and externally in the following ways. You need More of: Water Electrolytes A balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables to get all your nutrients A diet filled with healthy fats such as fish and avocado. Cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating with quality non toxic products Movement, breathing and meditation You need to restrict or have Less of: Dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and soda Sugar, additives and preservatives Stress Chlorine   Goal for the week – Add in two more things that will help rejuvenate the skin

Summer Body Confidence #10 Environment

December 10, 2017
Your environment can greatly influence you in both a positive and negative way. Your physical environment such as your home, office, car or community or your emotional environment such as your family, friends or colleagues can all contribute to the way you feel, think and live. A clean house can motivate you to stay clean and organised whereas as a messy house tends to lead to more mess and less motivation, a dark window less room can put you into a dark mood with poor air quality compared to a sun filled room with fresh oxygen rich plants, or perhaps you have that circle of friends that love to be negative and can leave you feeling like life is all just to hard compared to your Tony Robbins like colleague that helps you dominate your work week. Without a doubt our environment can deeply affect us.   Goal for the week – Write down three areas of your personal environment which you believe you can improve on   A good emotional environment will make you feel supported, motivated, safe and secure, warm and welcoming, inclusive and embraced. A good physical environment will be clean, organised, filled with natural light, fresh clean oxygen and free from harmful toxins.  

Summer Body Confidence #9 Movement

December 8, 2017
Movement – the act of moving is important to everyday health. It is as easy as walking, stretching, swimming or even dancing. Simply moving the body. Not incorporating movement into your daily routine can have serious determinately effects on the body both physically and mentally. When the body doesn’t move the blood flow slows down, muscle atrophy (wasting) occurs, slowing the digestion and gut function which lowers your immune defences and the likelihood off illness is increased. Moving the body not only reverses these negative effects, it greatly increases your overall wellbeing. The body is designed to move, not be sedentary, therefore daily activities whether a sport, fitness, hobby, or play are beneficial for optimum health. The benefits of daily movement are increased blood flow throughout the body and especially to the brain. There is more oxygen in the blood which means better functioning liver, kidney, lungs, bowel for example.  Through movement, over time muscles gain strength and flexibility. Incorporating movement in your daily routine will increase energy levels, elevate your mood and improve the bodies sleeping patterns. All great reasons to move the body everyday towards a more active you.   Goal for the week – Make a conscious decision to move more each day   You can add movement to a busy daily routine by simply incorporating some easy upper body stretches and walking by either taking the stairs or parking further away from work or the shops. From that you can build into a brisk daily walk, a yoga class or even a swim at the beach.

Summer Body Confidence #8 Find Flexibility

December 5, 2017
We have called this step ‘finding flexibility’ however we really want to discuss elongating the muscles. Elongating the muscles is simply stretching the muscles: it is stretching the muscle fibres within the muscle and giving you greater flexibility. Without this if you suddenly had to run quickly, to chase your dog for instance and you did not have elongated muscles you would more than likely “pull a muscle,” this means that you have stretched your muscle past its reflex point. The detriment of shortened muscle fibres can cause issues such as tendonitis (inflammation of tendons), sciatica and bursitis but most of all impedes movement.  Poor flexibility within the muscles reduces circulation; causing blood to stagnate and causes localised pain. The benefits of flexibility in the body is greater circulation or blood flow this gives greater strength and endurance because blood carries oxygen to the muscle. The joints being able to move freely through the entire range of motion which puts less on the body’s connective tissue which can result in conditions such as tendonitis and overall improvement of performance.  Most importantly elongated muscles look leaner and more toned.   Goal for the week – Start or increase a weekly stretch routine   Yoga and Pilates has been on the rise over the past five years because of this beautiful combination of strength and flexibility work.  Incorporating a stretch routine every day or just following your body’s inclination to stretch is going to work on elongating those muscles. Wellwood offers both Pilates Stretch and Yin Yoga to help you on the journey too finding flexibility.