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ACUYIN = YIn Yoga + Acupressure combined to encourage, stimulate & speed up the body’s innate healing ability.
Acupressure points of the body are concentrated points of high Chi flow. When these are stimulated directly we enhance our body’s electrical currents of energy & clear through any blockages or stagnation resulting in a free flow of Chi! Accompanied by Yin Yoga to further release congestion in the meridian lines of the body to deepen the effect and help experience an energy shift.
Yin Yoga is a wonderful form of relaxing & renewing placement of the body to open up connective tissue tension & stress. Accompanied with breath techniques, this is a journey of self-exploration that improves sleep, flexibility, mood, calmness, understanding of your body & mind connection.
Wellwood Health is hosting a Acuyin workshop in Loganholme on Sunday the 16th of June 2019. This workshop addresses the ‘home first aid kit’ general points of acupressure adaptable to everyone. There is an Acuyin workbook & Acupen to accompany this workshop for you to take home & continue to use these methods on yourself & your family.
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