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    Hatha is a gentle and basic yoga class that focuses on slower-paced stretching with some basic pranayama breathing exercises as well as incorporated meditation practice throughout. This class is a good place to learn beginners poses, relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with Yoga.


    Yin Yoga works on the deep tissues of the body with relaxed muscles and breath work while holding poses for 3-5 min. The many benefits of Yin Yoga are an increase in flexibility & energy flow, decrease joint stiffness, alleviate back & hip pain, improve sleep, relieve stress and help to quieten your mind & find inner peace.


Tracie is a certified 250hr Yin Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance USA & holds a Diploma of Meditation with Yoga Alliance Australia.

She has been both teaching at a number of Yoga Studios & private yoga lessons assisting people with problem areas of the body especially assisting with pain & tension of the hips & spine.

Her Aged Care & disability teaching has armed her with an extensive understanding of the body & the effects of age & illness.

Her style of teaching harnesses relaxation & the importance of breath & presence, creating inner peace & self-respect to reap the benefits of Yoga harmony.


Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a teenager when my mother was learning. It was indeed a beautiful gift and I am grateful to have had yoga with me through the many stages and chapters of my life.

I have an interest in health, wellness and wholeness, and sincerely wish these things for all of us. Yoga is a vast universe that meets each of us where we are at. I believe it can be a gentle, joyful and peaceful way to approach our lives.


Namaste My Name is Alicia.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to yoga at a young age, spending afternoons watching my Mother and Aunties practice yoga in the tropical heat of Darwin in the back yard on old blankets. As an Adult I practiced many styles of yoga for over 9 years to overcome mental health issues. I stumbled into my first Akhanda class and knew this was where I was supposed to be. This holistic practice helped me heal and become whole.

This has inspired me to go further with my practices and complete my 250 hours of Akhanda teacher training under my teacher and mentor which has been life-changing. I bring a nurturing, honest and playful teaching style to my classes. After many years of working in Community organisations, I look to bring people closer together in the Community through and beyond my practice


Bri began her yoga teaching journey by moving to the Teton Mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Where she was trained in Vinyasa Krama (stages of sequencing) by her admired teacher.

Bri prepares her classes to link postures with the breath for a therapeutic effect to benefit the body, soul and mind; while weaving in the teaching of Yoga philosophy. Bri’s aim is to meet the student where they are, with the understanding that everybody is different and everyone is stepping onto their mat for a different reason.

Throughout the yoga practice, Bri hopes to bring about a state of calm and ease, to the mind and the body of those that choose to partake in her class.