Summer Body Confidence #9 Movement

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Movement – the act of moving is important to everyday health. It is as easy as walking, stretching, swimming or even dancing. Simply moving the body.

Not incorporating movement into your daily routine can have serious determinately effects on the body both physically and mentally. When the body doesn’t move the blood flow slows down, muscle atrophy (wasting) occurs, slowing the digestion and gut function which lowers your immune defences and the likelihood off illness is increased.

Moving the body not only reverses these negative effects, it greatly increases your overall wellbeing. The body is designed to move, not be sedentary, therefore daily activities whether a sport, fitness, hobby, or play are beneficial for optimum health.

The benefits of daily movement are increased blood flow throughout the body and especially to the brain. There is more oxygen in the blood which means better functioning liver, kidney, lungs, bowel for example.  Through movement, over time muscles gain strength and flexibility. Incorporating movement in your daily routine will increase energy levels, elevate your mood and improve the bodies sleeping patterns. All great reasons to move the body everyday towards a more active you.


Goal for the week – Make a conscious decision to move more each day


You can add movement to a busy daily routine by simply incorporating some easy upper body stretches and walking by either taking the stairs or parking further away from work or the shops. From that you can build into a brisk daily walk, a yoga class or even a swim at the beach.

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