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The lungs are the body’s essential respiratory organ. They are located within the thoracic cavity, one either side of the heart closer to the backbone. Proper use of the lungs not only fills the body with essential oxygen but it also removes carbon dioxide from the body, massages organs, kick starts our energy systems and promotes general wellbeing.

The majority of the population is unconsciously shallow breathing. Shallow breathing is when we breathe in to the top half of the lungs using the muscles surrounding the ribs. This is detrimental to the body because the carbon monoxide and toxins sit in the lower half of the lungs and there is no flow of fresh air circulating.

The detrimental effects of shallow breathing can cause several symptoms such as toxicity build up in the blood, poor circulation, low energy levels due to the low oxygen content in the blood and tightening of the thoracic which can lead to shorten of the intercostal muscles surrounding the lungs.

Deep breathing is taking a breath through the nose filling up the belly first followed by the lower part of the lungs, all the way through to the top of the chest until you physically cannot draw in any more air. Pausing for a second then slowly reversing this by slowly breathing out through the mouth starting with the chest, then the lower part of the lungs followed by the belly.

The benefits of deep breathing are reduction in toxicity levels, increased circulation, oxygenated blood which all result in an increase in energy levels and an increase in muscle strength. You will also see an improvement in skin complexion due to the reduction in toxins running through the body and the increase in circulation and oxygenated blood.


Goal for the week – Daily breathing exercises


You can add deep breathing into your daily routine by adding in a morning deep breathing routine You can add this in upon waking, in the car on your way to work, waiting for your train or even on your morning walk. Eventually it will no longer have to be a conscious decision to breath this way, as the body will do it naturally. As few as ten deep slow breaths each morning will kick start your day.

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