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Greens are a blend of nature’s most nutrient dense super foods; they provide a highly bio-available whole food nutrient to the body. They are absorbed more effectively than those found in synthetic formulations, (eg. mass produced vitamins), and are best ingested in liquid form.

Greens are spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass and chlorella in fact all freshwater green plants high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural body detoxifier that cleanses both the stomach and the small and large intestines.

The benefits of adding greens to your diet is that each serve is equivalent to five serves of fruit and vegetables.  Greens also add balance to your diet giving you all the nutrients necessary for your average daily requirement.  They are also extremely high in protein and alkalizing which will raise your PH level, counterbalancing the acidity of every day living.  For instance Coke Cola has a PH level of 3.0, and greens would have up around a level of 9.0 – 10.0.  It takes 20 parts of alkalinity to neutralize 1 part of acidity in your body.

When the body is lacking nutrients it sends a signal to the brain telling it to eat, if you continue to eat a nutrient poor diet this then creates a cycle to increase eating more until your body gets the nutrients it requires.  However, by adding greens to the body it cuts down the cravings to eat and helps your body to gain a higher alkalinity, increasing your body’s health.  Reduce cravings especially for sweets, increased energy, greater organ function and increased clarity.


Goal for the week – Greens everyday


You can add greens to your diet every day by adding in a super greens powder. Wellwood Health enjoy using the Synergy Natural 100% organic Super Greens. You can add this to your smoothies, juices, coconut water or simply just plain water. If you struggle with the taste try squeezing some fresh lemon with it. For optimum results aim for at least two servings per day.

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