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Have you ever, used your will power to achieve an outcome, I have when I was about 25 years old I used to be a smoker.  I had tried on numerous times to give it up, sometimes I would succeed for 6 months, 12 months and then I would be out in a social situation and everyone else was smoking and within a few minutes I had a cigarette in my hand.  All that will power to stop smoking gone is 60 seconds or less.  I consciously said that I wanted to give up but I was sending mixed signals to my unconscious mind.

And I can remember it vividly when I Stopped Smoking, it was 5.00am on New Year’s day a long time ago (I won’t say how long J) and I had a cigarette in my hand the ash hanging off the end and then I made a decision that this was “my last cigarette”…. And it was my last cigarette; any time after that day when I went out and others were smoking it never occurred to me to light up.

Because I had this belief that I was a “non-smoker” – my conscious and unconscious mind were congruent, were in rapport with one and other and no will power was needed.

So when will power and imagination come together, stopping smoking was instantaneous – there was no ifs or maybes it happened then and there.  Wow, the power of the unconscious mind when you give it the right message that carries your emotions with it, it just happens. “I was very emotionally and I wanted to Stop, I remember thinking this is killing me!”

“What we need is not the will to believe but the wish to find out”

William Wordsworth.

In these ‘Hypnosis for Relaxation’ classes and workshops you will learn how to go into trance easily and effortlessly, you will learn 5 things about the conscious and unconscious mind connection.

  1. What the conscious mind does well. What the unconscious mind does well
  2. Cause and Effect and “Say it the way you want it” especially when talking to your unconscious mind
  3. How information is communicated and what we do with it and how it affects our outcomes
  4. Imagination and Will Power
  5. Perception is Projection

So what is Hypnosis?  “Hypnosis is largely a question of your willingness to be receptive and responsive to ideas, and to allow these ideas to act upon you without interference.  These ideas we call suggestions.”(Weitzenhoffer and Hilgard)

Hypnosis is as old as civilization itself, and has been practiced under numerous labels since time immemorial.  However, it was not until 1958, when it was officially recognised by the American Medical Association, that Hypnotherapy began to come into its own.

When we talk about Conscious… Unconscious.  Your Unconscious mind is out of your awareness.  It’s not that it is Unconscious, it’s just that you are not Conscious of it.  It is part of you that you are not aware of at that moment but it (Unconscious Mind) is critical in making sure you do everything you need to do to stay alive, amongst many other things.

You don’t have to look far to find hypnosis, by whatever name.  Call it visualisation, relaxation therapy, guided imagery, meditation, whatever.

With a Hypnotherapist you are guided while in trance to outcome with a distinct beneficial purpose.

We all do it (Trance that is), and some of us are better at it than others. Who of you have been watching TV and someone is having a conversation with you and you turn around and say “What”, you are in a TV trance or when you are driving somewhere and you get there without really knowing how you did? Consciously! You are in a driving trance.  The great thing about being in trance is that you can come out anytime you want or need to.

Trance is a normal, wonderful, relaxed, and very useful state, to be in.

I look forward in helping you to connect to your Unconscious Mind, right now.

Join me in this journey of discovery.

Glen Palmer





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