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Femme Body is an Australian designed boutique, luxury active wear label for the conscious woman embracing health, fitness + overall balance in her life.  Our collections combine feminine, functional innovative designs crafted with high performance, luxe fabrications. All items are cut + designed to enhance the female form + inspire the active woman to make a difference in our world to energise her confidence + well-being.

At Femme Body we are inspired by the confidence we see in women and we believe it is vital that we embrace who we are and that we adopt self-care practices in our everyday lifestyle. This can include daily active outings, nourishing foods, positive thoughts and dressing elegantly of course!

Feminine qualities are an essential part of our nature, so it’s important we are able to connect with our inner feminine more deeply – when you implement a behaviour that increases your feminine energy you become happier and fulfilled from within.

Our logo was inspired by femininity, the Hyacinth Flower meaning playfulness and sporty attitude along with the nucleus energy symbol which is the central and most important part of an object or movement – forming the basis for it’s activity and growth.

We are always moving and when you are in alignment with your feminine energy you are able to feel energised within yourself and be more confident. You are able to fuel your lifestyle with balance, strength, support and nourish your mind, body and soul.

When we shift our energy towards our well -being the energy is intensified and we are able to achieve a life full of abundance.When you glow from the inside – you will glow on the outside. From this we are than able to radiate a contagious effect of energy to those around us.

Health and fitness is a lifestyle not just a fad and is continuously expanding with the importance of our well-being at the top of the list.As women we love to look good and feel great so of course we want to dress accordingly with a mixture of sport and femininity. We hope that we will assist you to #movewithpurpose in your active journey.




The bamboo plant and bamboo blend fabric is known for a number of features, which makes it perfect to use for leisure and active outings. The fabric is known for its breathable properties and is quite luxurious and soft to touch. It delivers first class quality feel making sure you are in ultimate comfort during your Pilates and Yoga classes.

Along with these properties the bamboo plant is also known for a number of eco – friendly characteristics having a lower environmental impact and considered to be more sustainable compared to other textile fibres.

The bamboo plant is known to be able to grow organically without irrigation, pesticides, chemical’s and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world – providing more oxygen then hardwood trees.

You’ll find that we have integrated a bamboo blend into our Exhale Sports BraFemme Muscle Tee and Comfort Muscle Tee — each item designed with your comfort in mind.

Femme Body is currently having a ‘Pop Up Shop’ in the Wellwood Health Cabin Hall in Logan during the months of November and December so be sure to pop in and check out this purpose driven active wear range.


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