Invest In Your Health

Taking care of your health is an important responsibility that your body will thank you for. Invest in your health and support your mind and body with one of our many treatment options.

Therapy Treatments
Wellwood Health has over 10 different Therapists that work from the Wellwood Health Suites. Below is a guide only of their base prices. Please head to their individual pages within our website for more information.
Reiki60 minutes$89
B.E.S.T Treatment60 minutes$89
Remedial Massage60 minutes$85
Counselling50 minutes$100
Acupuncture55 minutes$95
Relaxation Massage60 minutes$65
Beauty Therapy30-90 minutes$10 - $150
Naturopathy60 minutesPlease Contact
NLP60 minutesPlease Contact
Hypnotherapy60 -90 minutesPlease Contact