A Realistic Approach

We recognise that everyone can benefit from a nutritional consultation, whether you are looking to control your weight, manage disease, reduce pain and symptoms or improve your overall nutritional status.

A nutritional consultation can help you in the following health areas;

Sustained weight loss

Diabetes and pre-diabetes (insulin resistance)

Heart health

Cholesterol and blood pressure reductions

Gastrointestinal health, including IBS and Diverticulitis

Food intolerance

Healthy eating for optimal nutritional status of all life stages,

Nutrition health for the recreational and competitive athlete

Mental health and wellbeing

We can offer you a holistic and realistic approach to nutritional health and teach you how to achieve sustainable changes to reach your health goal.

Sarah Louwrens


Sarah Louwrens a qualified and accredited Naturopath (B.HS and Adv-Dip) and Nutritionist (Adv- Dip).

Sarah specialises in female hormone issues including infertility, endometriosis, menopause and PCOS and has an ongoing interest in child and adolescent’s health. Sarah uses her knowledge of hormone imbalances to assist with weight loss and this is complemented by her understanding of nutritional planning.

The journey to optimal health is not an easy one and sometimes you need someone to walk beside you every step of the way, Sarah is passionate about walking the path with you towards your health goals.

Nutrition Prices

Nutrition Consult Initial$150 - 90 minutes
Nutrition Consult Follow Up$90 - 60 minutes
Nutrition Consult Follow Up$60 - 30 minutes
Nutrition Self Care Bundle$297
- 1 x 90 minute
- 2 x 60 minute
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Nutrition Hair Test Consult Initial $25 - 15 min
Nutrition Hair Test Consult Follow Up $75 - 60 min

To book the “Nutrition Self Care Bundle” please book a Nutritional initial consult for $150. The remaining $147 can be settled at the end of your initial consult.