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The aim of the Sacred Subconscious Academy© is to produce caring, skilled and ethical practitioners that will benefit human-kind.

Elizabeth Wey, MHs.B, founder of the academy, has developed a technique that is an approved and accredited training modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Her energy healing, metaphysical humanistic counselling and spiritual guidance, both as a practitioner and accredited educator have given her a profound understanding of the power to the human psyche. As a gifted healer, she works on the belief that people have the power within themselves to create positive change and emotional patterns to help combat illness and overcome life challenges whilst supporting them with proven healing techniques.
The Sacred Subconscious Academy provides two accredited courses, both The Sacred Subconscious Technique©  and The Spiritual Awareness & How to Channel For The Beginner Course, specifically designed for both on-line and in class learning. They also run a series of wonderful workshops that create space for self-improvement, self-confidence and self-esteem. Perfect workshops for anyone wanting to fulfil their potential in 2018.
All course and workshops are held at Wellwood Health in Loganholme.
Elizabeth has a powerful metaphysical intellect, her warmth and tireless energy, her undeniable perception of these beliefs are unquestionably her own and ones that have been formed through years of experience, and in having such perceptions, she understands that it is essential to remain humble and open to the wisdom of the Universe.

* Bachelor Metaphysical Humanistic Science
* Founder of the Sacred Subconscious Academy – An approved Modality with the IICT
* Platinum Trainer Provider – International Institute Complementary Therapists
*Internationally Accredited practitioner The Sacred Subconscious Technique
*Globally Accredited educator Psychic Mediumship Training
*Author- Earth – The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe

Elizabeth’s life work can be summed up into a few simple words;

To be able to connect to the Sacred Subconscious mind, and discover previous incarnations, the ones  that are directly responsible for the person that you’ve become today is a miracle, and to that end, discovering the ‘real you’, the mighty, the powerful, all loving soul that you are, is an experience that will change your life in a clear and positive way.

To understand and accept the ‘self ‘ without judgment is a beautiful thing – Elizabeth

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