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The spine has two major functions. It serves to keep the body balanced and upright, and it works to protect the central nervous system. When the spinal column is in its proper alignment, the entire body is in balance, and the central nervous system is able to facilitate communication between the body and the brain at an efficient rate.

Stress, tension and injury can cause the spine to become misaligned. If you are experiencing head aches, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, joint pain or fatigue you may find a misaligned spine may be a contributing factor.

Good rest, exercising, stretching, investing in good shoes, good posture and regular body treatments can all contribute to maintaining a great spine.

On Wednesday the 16th of August Glenys Randall from Earth Essence will be commencing a 4-week Spinal Alignment Yoga class in the Wellwood Cabin Hall.  During this class you will be given specific instructions and propping to align each person, for the purpose of preparing the body to open as fully as possible, and awaken the Nadi channels for deep meditation.

We begin the class in supported Shavasana with a body meditation and ujjayi breathing, followed by a sequence of Asanas that work directly on the tail bone then the sacrum continuing up the spine. Subtle releases and openings of the specific muscles that hold the spine takes place. With awareness these subtle softening’s can be felt and the result is beneficial for bringing balance and optimum alignment to the body.

There are gentle adjustments given within the session. These assist the body to let go of holding patterns and create better flow. We end in supported Shavasana with a full body Mudra to seal the benefits of your Yoga practice.

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