Have you wondered what is unique about you? There is a lot of course, just think about your DNA. Really, when you take a moment to look at what is unique about a person what if we considered the true value of uniqueness. Kosuke Takemura (Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol 45, 10, 2014) conducted some amazing research about ‘Being Different Leads to Being Connected.’ In this piece of research, Takemura discovers that in some cultures, a high need for uniqueness (NFU) is positively linked with life satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, and income.

What value is there when a collection of unique thinkers come together in a society, in an organisation, or in a specialised team? Have you ever wondered how you can take your uniqueness to the next level and create your destiny with more clarity and achieve those beyond goals? Interestingly, our uniqueness can enable us to achieve in both our personal and professional lives. Marianne van Woerkom and Maaike de Bruijn reported in the ‘Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology’ (2016, Vol 9, Issue 2, pp. 275-281), that concentrating on employee strength and maximising those strengths can strengthen motivation for improved performance outcomes.

Considering both journal articles leads me to wonder about how we connect unique and motivated people who have high levels of life satisfaction as well as relational satisfaction with business or individual leadership success in a long-lasting way. In another short article, I write about ‘True North’ and leadership. It seems clear to me that there is a powerful connection between uniqueness, self-awareness, character leadership and success.

When was the last time you identified the unique qualities you have that have directly helped you to achieve a positive outcome that has benefited you and others? To be unique can mean different things to different people and if we want to get clear on manifesting uniqueness for the betterment of the world, we can do that now.

This is a topic I am enthusiastic about so let’s talk about how you can unleash your uniqueness in a meaningful way and create positive change.

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Glen Palmer

Master NLP Coach & Trainer