Master Shaman Matthew 

Please join Shaman Matthew for a healing ceremony with song inspired by the Shipibo Maestros of the Peruvian Amazon.

Friday 2nd February

7pm – 10pm

Tickets: $42.95

Matthew had a successful clinical psychology practice in Australia when he answered a spiritual call..

In 2006, he was in Cusco when an Andean Shaman, Wayra, looked at him knowingly and said, “I see why you are here. I am going to guide you and you don’t have to pay me anything!” Wayra first took Matthew to the Amazon where Maestro Felipe Collantes initiated him into his ancient Shipibo healing tradition. Indigenous Shamans and gifted seers recognize Matthew as a Maestro (Master), which in the Spanish language means teacher. Maestro is the Shipibo people’s title for what we call the Shaman.

One of his many spiritual gifts is to transmit healing and teaching through Icaros (Amazon Maestro’s Songs). Matthew will share some of his spiritual adventures with you, then sing a healing ceremony for you and time permitting will give you a brief intuitive message.


Via Phone 0415 849 941 

Via email

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Matthew is also available for private session

If you can not make the Healing Ceremony you are invited to spend some time with Matthew in a private session.

$130 – 60 minutes

$75 – 30 minutes

What To Anticipate During Your Session:

Each session is unique to the individual needs of the person having the session.  If you seek intuitive guidance then that will be the information that you need to know at that direct point in time to help you to progress. It is helpful to begin with specific topic questions, however, sessions tend to take on a life of their own.  Healing can also take many forms but is always perfect and respectful and provides what you need in that moment to help you progress.

What you can learn during a Session

Awaken your conscious ability to allow you to be better in-tune with your life’s plan.
Become aware of paths you may not have considered.
Recieve messages from spirit, guides, nature.
Gain insight into your special gifts, talents, and abilities.
Increase your awareness about what’s happening in the present, and what you can do to create a better quality of life.
Better understand how the feeling of fear keeps you from knowing your own truth.
Become the master of your own emotions especially fear and clear obstacles in your path.