• Pilates Barre

      Pilates Barre is based off the more traditional barre workout except instead of using a ballet barre we use poles. Pilates Barre incorporate ballet and pilates to help lengthen and tone the muscles using your own body weight for resistance. Clients receive an all over workout that will be sure to increase and lower the heart rate constantly throughout the class which helps burn fat and boost the metabolism long after the class finishes. Regular attendance will see clients achieve longer, leaner and more defined muscles.

Lucy ~ Pilates Barre

Growing up I was a naturally active kid. I was always out and about bike riding, bush walking, climbing mountains, swimming and even horse riding.

In my early 20’s I started to get into boot camps and the gym and when I was 25 I discovered Pilates and absolutely fell in love. It completely changed my body shape for the better and never before had I achieved results like I did with Pilates, so I decided to team my nutrition qualification with a personal training qualification and then a Pilates qualification soon after.

Jolene ~ Pilates Barre

I have a diverse skill set from working in the health and beauty industry including massage for 15 years. This experience and education has given me an advanced ability in understanding how the body moves, functions and what needs to be done to improve it.

It has allowed me to gain a broad knowledge of the body and mind and how to use this to find balance and happiness in life. I understand the pressures that society puts on all of us and how our body’s react, which drove me to further my positive impact on others through pilates.
I love to help people realise and achieve their goals in a friendly and supportive environment.