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” Last week I received the most exciting news!!!

Wellwood Health is now officially working with the Food Matters Team, to help spread the message on quality and lifesaving nutrition!

I have personally been following this company from the beginning and have been spreading their message for many years. I have read their books, watched their movies, cooked their recipes and performed their detoxes several times over.

I whole heartedly trust them, their message and their products, and because of this I frequently recommend them to my clients.

If you are looking to make some changes in your life and need a little inspiration to get your started, then why not check out the following three products from Food Matters to get you started on your journey to true health!

Lucy ”

Co-founder and Team Leader of Wellwood Health



Food Matters – The DVD

Food Matters’ features interviews with leading health experts who reveal the best natural healing choices you can make for you and your family’s health. In the film you’ll discover what works, what doesn’t and what’s potentially killing you when it comes to your health. Keep your eye out for a screening event at Wellwood Health soon. 




Food Matters – Detox Guide

This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to apply the principles addressed in the film and give you a head start to a healthier you. This guide will help you find better alternatives for the foods your body might not agree with, and give you the tools and skills necessary to prepare more nutritious meals.





Food Matters – The Recipe Book

The Food Matters Recipe Book is your ultimate kitchen companion. Filled with 84 of the most nutritious and delicious gluten-free recipes; it’s time to say goodbye to rock-hard gluten free bread, and hello to flavourful healthy meals. This recipe book is going to show you how to create the best-tasting nutritious meals without all the fuss!

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