• Personal Training

    Personal Pilates or Yoga Training is a great way to advance your practice at a faster rate or work on specific injuries or concerns.

Raine – PT & Pilates Instructor

I have been involved in Health and fitness for many years, dating back to when I was very young and lived in the mountains and deep south of New Zealand, where sport was like the life blood of existence.
My interest in Pilates is a lot more recent and I find it goes hand in hand with my Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning and Massage background. I love how any age bracket can benefit so much from the combinations. The knowledge of how our bodies react to the stresses of every day living, fascinates me, and how we can help overcome some of these issues with exercise.
As someone said to me, “Life is to be lived, it is not a practice run“ – I’d love to help you make yours as awesome as can be.

Jolene – Pilates Instructor

I have a diverse skill set from working in the health and beauty industry including massage for 15 years. This experience and education has given me an advanced ability in understanding how the body moves, functions and what needs to be done to improve it.

It has allowed me to gain a broad knowledge of the body and mind and how to use this to find balance and happiness in life. I understand the pressures that society puts on all of us and how our body’s react, which drove me to further my positive impact on others through pilates.
I love to help people realise and achieve their goals in a friendly and supportive environment.