What Does a Naturopath Do?

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First of all, it is important to acknowledge that naturopathic medicine encompasses a body of healing practices and not just one. It supports the body’s natural healing processes through a range of alternative therapies. Naturopaths are trained in many areas of speciality in order to create personalized treatment for ailing patients. It is also important to note that naturopaths are designed to work alongside your GP or Doctor.

How it Works

With naturopathic medicine, the body’s reactions to illnesses – such as fever, inflammation and pain – are seen in a positive light. They are considered signs that the body is healing itself. Instead of disrupting this healing process, practitioners strive to support it by using a combination of solutions.

Treatments used include nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and homoeopathy. Naturopaths often use therapeutic exercise, pharmacology, counseling and soft tissue manipulation as well. In some cases, light therapy and electrical devices are applied.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic specialists abide by a certain code of ethics and principles.

Natural Healing Power

Naturopathic treatment aims to promote self-healing. In other words, symptoms should not be vilified but should be used as useful indicators of malfunctions in the body. Therapies should, therefore, be directed at encouraging homeostasis instead of simply suppressing symptoms.

Causes vs. Effects

To adequately treat a health condition, the remedy should uproot the cause instead of only eliminating the effects. A cough, for instance, is an effect or symptom. It is the cause of a cough that should be the focus of treatment.

Do No Harm

Any therapy administered by a naturopath should not cause any harm to the patient or worsen the existing condition. Practitioners must protect the patient by selecting safe solutions.

Holistic Healing

Naturopathic medicine should provide holistic healing. Because health is influenced by physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental factors, treatment must consider all related factors and provide help in all relevant areas.

Prevention is Cure

Practitioners of this discipline advise patients not to wait for health conditions to advance before seeking help. Prevention is considered the best cure.

Physicians are Teachers

Naturopathic practitioners have a responsibility to teach patients about healthy living. Treatment can provide temporary relief but education is the secret to a lifetime of good health.


Conditions Treated by Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is ideal for treating degenerative and chronic conditions. Patients can also experience relief from symptoms of:

• Traumatic injuries

• Diet conditions

• Fertility and Pre and Post-natal conditions

• Infections

• Acute illnesses that produce pain and fever


The Consultation

Consultations with a naturopath are similar to a conventional doctor as both conduct medical interviews, physical examinations and lab tests. The duration of a typical consultation is 60 – 90 minutes and quite often more than one appointment is required. You may also be prescribed supplements and given dietary advice.

We have a number of Naturopaths are Wellwood Health, each of them specialising in different areas of expertise. You can review our therapists via our ‘Naturopath’ page, right here on our website.

An initial consult will last 90 minutes and cost $150. A follow up consult will last 60 minutes and cost $90. We also offer bundle packages which provide you with an initial consult and two follow up consults for a discounted price.  Unfortunately, naturopathy services are no longer able to be claimed on health funds.

Naturopaths are available 6 days a week at Wellwood Health in Loganholme.


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