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I recently discovered that chronically low calcium intake had been negatively impacting my yoga practice and overall pain levels for months. One thing lead to the next and I started figuring out ways to regularly incorporate calcium rich foods into my meals and snacks without consuming a ton of dairy. Dairy and I’s relationship is the textbook definition of toxic: I love dairy. Dairy doesn’t love me back.

For good measure, and because I have a 26 year history of skeletal woes, I started taking a plant based calcium supplement and trying out a variety of calcium rich recipes. I also compromised by getting some fortified coconut milk to splash in my coffee every morning in addition to the canned version I love with two whole ingredients in it: organic coconut and filtered water. Who doesn’t love a brief ingredient panel? I know I found an even deeper appreciation for that simplicity after reading 8 different brands of coconut milk only to discover there was one 1 that didn’t have added sugar or nasty carrageenan.

To create this recipe and a few others I’m still testing, I simply took my list of calcium rich foods to the grocery store with me.  This recipe my friends, is a spring dish that provides a ton of calcium, protein, fiber… well a metric ton of nutrients, but most importantly flavor. I hope you love it!  I know your bones, muscles and tendons will. :::That moment your nutrition education weirdness shows through.::::

Recipes makes roughly 4 servings.

Ingredients for Dressing:

44  mL    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Healthy Oil of Choice
30  mL    Apple Cider Vinegar – Organic, Raw, Unfiltered, with the Mother
60  mL   Water
¼  Cup   Fresh Dill, Chopped
¼  Cup   Fresh Parsley, Chopped
¼  Cup   Fresh Mint, Chopped
¼  Cup   Green Onions, Chopped
1    tsp.    Garlic, Minced
½  tsp.   Black Pepper
Pinch     Salt

Quinoa Blend Ingredients:

2   Cups  Cooked Quinoa
1    tsp.    Coriander Seed, Ground
15   mL    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Healthy Oil of Choice
¼   Cup   Celery, Chopped
¼   Cup   Fresh Dill, Chopped
¼   Cup   Fresh Parsley, Chopped
¼   Cup   Fresh Mint, Chopped
¼   Cup   Green Onions, Chopped

Other Ingredients:

Finely Chopped Red Cabbage, Kale and Cucumbers


While quinoa cooks on stove top, wash and chop all veggies.

Once done cooking, remove quinoa from heat and add ground coriander seed and olive oil. Set aside and allow to cool while you finish chopping and prepping the rest of the ingredients.

Throw all dressing ingredients into the blender and blend until uniform.

Mix celery and herbs into cooled quinoa.

Arrange all ingredients in a bowl all pretty like and enjoy.

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