The Health Benefits Of Pilates

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Have you heard about Pilates but still not convinced  as to why you should add it to your weekly fitness routine? here are four great reasons why Pilates is so good for your body and the many benefits thats come with regular practice.


1. Body alignment

Pilates exercise ensures that the body is properly aligned and as a result the skeleton is balanced and the muscles are held at their appropriate length without being tensed. If the muscles are tensed due to poor alignment of the body then the ligaments and joints will be pulled and result in pain, aches and limited movement. Pilates helps the body in aligning itself and as a result the muscles become well positioned and work efficiently. The impact of gravity is then reduced, the risks of injury are reduced and the posture of the body improved.


2.Strengthens and conditions the body

Pilates helps in strengthening and conditioning the body without the use of any equipment. If you do not like going to the gym or cannot go to the gym for particular reasons then you can use your own body to apply pressure to your muscles and in the process strengthen and tone them up. Your body will feel energised and stronger and you will less likely suffer from muscular and joint aches and pains. Body metabolism will also increase and tension and strain on the body will be eliminated as a result of strong core.


3.Flexibility of the muscles and body

Pilates is a good way of relieving muscle tension and eases mobility and flexibility of the muscles and body as a whole. Flexibility is also very important for overall fitness and vitality. Pilates ensure that the body is in and out of stretch repeatedly by use of dynamic stretching. When you are flexible, your muscles will be free from tension, aches and pains and your movement will be unrestricted. Posture will also be improved and blood circulation will be better.


4.Shape, tone and endurance

Pilates help muscles tone and the body becomes fit and healthy. After a few weeks of Pilates training, the muscles tone up quickly and the body starts top gain shape. The exercise trains every part of the body and tones the muscles which give the body a good shape and you have defined muscles. Pilates also focus on building endurance by improving concentration and building strength and hence the body will have stamina and immense strength.


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