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As a child I always enjoyed being active. I would like to try different sports, and although I wasn’t always very good at them I liked to give things a go. I think I just liked to move. I’ve tried my hand at tennis, soccer, netball, cross country, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cricket, hockey and baseball. Hockey seemed to be the only one I seemed to have a talent for but I still liked to do it all.

It was in my teenage years that health issues started to negatively impact my life. Symptoms over a few years that would seem unrelated but turned out to have the same simple answer. First what would become to be known in my house as “Jo’s attacks”. Initially starting with severe abdominal pains and vomiting which would last for hours, over time became increasingly more severe and longer with each “attack” until I started being hospitalised. Without connecting the dots I was also experiencing major instability within my hip joints, which was causing me all sorts of problems while trying to be active. And there was the constant headache that would get worse as the day went on. I started to forgot what it felt like to not be in pain. Pain had become my new normal at the age of 15. Tests, x-rays and scans and no answers. I also started to have other symptoms which had me referred for brain scans and to a neurologist. Still no answers. Lucky for me I had parents who were open to alternate therapies. One look into my eyes by an iridologist to tell me that the “attacks” were being caused by my hips. A visit to the chiropractor confirmed that my pelvis was twisted and out of alignment. Looking at x-rays from this different perspective and I was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis. I had several nerve impingements through my spine and all of a sudden I had an answer to all my problems. I started regular chiropractic which drastically helped however I had become much less active.

While looking for a new way to move in my late teens I first discovered Pilates. It was a great way to improve my posture and alignment and build my strength. I personally found that it helped maintain my chiropractic adjustments for longer and minimised and even repaired some of my issues caused by the scoliosis. This started my love of Pilates for the great benefits it has on the body and mind. I have practised for 15 years and always been mindful of the Pilates principals in any other form of exercise I partake in. It is the one form of exercise that I have always sought out due to the amazing results that it provides.

My experience as a teenager also created a desire in me to gain and understanding of the body and its systems in both optimum health as well as injury and illness and how to try to bring the body back to better health. After 15 years working in the health and beauty industry, I was at a crossroads and looking for a change of direction when the chance was provided to me to study Pilates. I saw it as a great opportunity to be able to help people gain a better understanding of their own bodies. I really enjoy helping people reach their goals, whether that be to have more movement and flexibility, strength, control or fitness.

Personally Pilates helps me maintain a good physique as well as feel strong and flexible and minimise pain and injury so that I am happy and comfortable within my own body and mind. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the wonderful team of instructors at Wellwood Health.

– Jolene

Reformer, Wunda Chair, Mat, Pregnancy and Small Apparatus Pilates Instructor

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