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Joseph Pilates created a form of exercise called Pilates. Pilates emphasises the balanced development of the body through flexibility, awareness, and core strength to support graceful and efficient movements. Pilates has become one of the most popular exercise programs in Australia.

Everywhere you look, there is someone that is either doing Pilates or is interested in starting Pilates. One of the most important things to know about Pilates is that it works very well for a variety of people. Dancers and athletes participate in Pilates programs, as well as seniors and women who want to get back their pre-pregnancy body. Also, people who are in physical rehabilitation participate in Pilates programs to get their strength and flexibility back after an accident or surgery.

People who participate in a Pilates program say that they are much leaner, stronger, and longer and can do almost anything with ease and grace- something that maybe they couldn’t do before.

Pilates is Adaptable

The key to Pilates program success with a wide range of people is that it can be modified to fit all fitness levels. All of the exercises have been created with modification options that can make a workout challenging, but safe for everyone.

Foundation is Core Strength

The foundation of a Pilates program is core strength. Your core muscles are those internal muscles deep in your back and abdomen. When your core muscles are nice and strong and able to do their job, they are able to work with your superficial muscles in order to support your spine and movement.

As you start to develop your core strength, you begin to develop stability through your entire torso area. This is one of the great ways that Pilates actually helps people to get over back pain. As your torso is stabilized correctly, the pressure on your back will be relieved and you will be able to move much more efficiently and freely.

Six Principles

The six principles of Pilates are: breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision. These are necessary ingredients in a Pilates workout that is of high quality. This method of exercise emphasises quality instead of quantity, and therefore, there are not a lot of repetitions for each movement. Instead of repetitions, the program focuses on making sure you do each exercise fully, in order to reap significant results in a much shorter time than you’d think.

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