Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions from our clients. If your question is not in this list please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

How can I book a class?

To book a class, simply head to the book a class page on our website, find a class you like, click the 'BOOK NOW' button, sign up or sign into your account and proceed to payment. Alternatively we have our own app which makes booking on the go super easy.

Can I come casually or do I have to be a member?

We offer clients casual passes, class packs and membership options. We have something to suit everyones needs.

Can I put products on my account?

All Wellwood Health clients are welcome to run an account with us providing they have their payments details stored on their Wellwood Health MINDBODY profile.

How long until the packs expire?

We have a variety of class packs that last anywhere between 30 days and 8 months. Be sure to check details when purchasing.

I’m a beginner, do your classes suit beginners?

Yes absoloutly! Our classes are suitable to all ages and fitness levels. Each trainer offers beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises options in each class.

Whats the difference between your classes?

We have such a variety of classes here at Wellwood, be sure to check out our class descriptions under the classes tab.

Do new clients get a discount?

Why yes they do! All new clients receive 50% off their first class. Simply use the code ~50OFF~ at checkout.