WellWood Health has a range of pricing options to suit everyone's budget. Click the + for a range or membership, casual and class pack options!

New Client Special

If you are new to the Wellwood Health Community then we have a special just for you.

Receive 50% off!

New Client Specials

New Client Specials

If you are new to Wellwood health and would like to give some classes a go, then why not take up one of the following new client offers!

This is a great way to try a range of different classes and meet all our instructors at an extra special rate!
New Client Casual Class$14.00
1 month expiry from purchase date.
New Client 5 Class Pack$60.00
2 month expiry from purchase date.
New Client 10 Class Pack$110.00
3 month expiry from purchase date.


Our Memberships gives you access to any of the classes on offer at Wellwood Health.

While our memberships are a 12 month contract, you have the option to freeze them once throughout the 12 months for up to 3 months! 
Diamond Membership Any 5 classes for $50 per week
Gold MembershipAny 3 classes for $39 per week
Silver MembershipAny 2 classes for $28 per week
Bronze MembershipAny 1 class for $15 per week

Class Packs

Class Packs

Grab yourself a class pack and SAVE! Please note class packs have strict expiry dates. Expiry starts from your first class.
Any 5 Class Pack$125
2 month expiry
Any 10 Class Pack$230
3 month expiry
Any 15 Class Pack$330
4 month expiry
Any 20 Class Pack$420
5 month expiry
Any 30 Class Pack$565
6 month expiry
Casual Classes

Casual Classes

Please note all casual prices have a strict 30 day expiry from the date of purchase.
Casual Pilates$28.00
Casual Yoga$28.00
1:1 Training

1:1 Training

If you prefer training 1:1 with your trainer then we can cater for you too.
30 min 1:1 Pilates Training $55
45 min 1:1 Pilates Training $80
60 min 1:1 Pilates Training $100
60 min 1:1 Yoga Training $120
90 min 1:1 Yoga Training $160

New to Wellwood Health?


Get your first 5 or 10 class pack at 50% of the normal price!