What is Sound Healing

August 15, 2018
What is Sound Healing? Sound Healing is a fast-growing modality used to alleviate many stress-related conditions (such as anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure to name only a few). As stress is a major cause for suffering and disease, sound is rapidly becoming known as a very versatile and

Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Yoga Class

August 10, 2018
Get the Most out of Your Yoga Class For many people, yoga is an excellent way to stay healthy and relieve stress. Follow these simple tips to maximize your enjoyment during any yoga class: Dress for comfort Select clothes that allow your body to move freely, but fit tight enough to stay in place as

Lower Back Pain

August 10, 2018
Lower Back Pain Feelings of discomfort and pain in the lower back area are a leading cause of missed workdays – with up to 80 per cent of all adults suffering from some type of spinal discomfort during their lifetime. The majority of these injuries are caused by problems with the muscles,

The benefits of a Relaxation Massage

August 9, 2018
The Benefits Of A Relaxation Massage A relaxation massage is about just that – relaxing! Think long, smooth, gliding strokes that are flowing and rhythmic, just the right amount of pressure that’s profoundly relaxing, but not painful. Soothing audio, warm luxury towels, and sometimes

Yoga: The Practice and Philosophy

April 18, 2018
With Yoga becoming more popular, there has been a rapid increase in the number of brands selling products related to it, which include Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Pants, even Yoga Socks. If we take a deeper look into the origins of the practice, however, we will be surprised to find that all of

The Health Benefits Of Pilates

April 18, 2018
Have you heard about Pilates but still not convinced  as to why you should add it to your weekly fitness routine? here are four great reasons why Pilates is so good for your body and the many benefits thats come with regular practice.   1. Body alignment Pilates exercise ensures that the body

All About Pilates

April 18, 2018
Joseph Pilates created a form of exercise called Pilates. Pilates emphasises the balanced development of the body through flexibility, awareness, and core strength to support graceful and efficient movements. Pilates has become one of the most popular exercise programs in Australia. Everywhere you

Akhanda Yoga

March 14, 2018
Life is busy –Too busy most days, almost like time is speeding up.  We want things now. We want things yesterday.  We want things fast. With the evolvement of mobile phones, internet and other modern tools, we are constantly being bombarded with outside stimulus. And when we are not being

Self Responsibility

March 14, 2018
  Responsibility the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management. an instance of being responsible   Many of us never truly learn this precious truth. Blaming everything and everyone else

Weekend Notes

March 14, 2018
We were super delighted to hear that one of our members had recently written an article for Weekend Notes about her Wellwood Health experience. Check it out below……. Lynne Cargill I’m a grandmother, a retired teacher, an avid reader and Pinterest addict who loves historical

Mindful Madness

February 8, 2018
Muscles so tight you could string them across a fretboard? Brain so busy an Yngwie Malmsteen solo seems snailpace? Struggling to focus & get things don-oh look a squirrel!!! Just keen to take some time to chill the **** out? Here’s an idea – a no nonsense stretching & mindfulness class

The Sacred Subconscious Academy

February 8, 2018
                                                                   The aim of the Sacred Subconscious Academy© is to produce caring, skilled and ethical practitioners that will benefit human-kind. Elizabeth Wey, MHs.B, founder of the academy, has developed a