Learning How To Master Your Inner State Of Wellness

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What state of wellness are you living in? As our world becomes more and more complex and demanding by the day, it is clear to see how so many people struggle with maintaining optimum states.

Attention-grabbing events, devices and to-do lists are so far beyond what our neurology is able to handle that we are now living in entirely uncharted territory regarding the potential long-term effects on our overall wellness.

The ability to dissociate from stressful events could well be the most important thing we can teach our kids in future generations. When a person can dissociate from outside events they are free to choose how to respond.

Our conscious mind only has enough attention for a limited amount of stimulation and when we live in an environment of excess stuff, digital connection and endless media, we spend much of our time REACTING instead of thinking, creating and experiencing.

When you know how to choose your inner states, your environment matters little. Everything “out there” is only as relevant, valid, meaningful or meaningless as who or what “in here” chooses it to be.

How much of your life do you spend worrying, stressing, arguing, fighting, gossiping, hating, envying, procrastinating? How much time to your spend on curiosity, adventure, contentment, love, joy or happiness? The things that actually keep you in a state of wellness?

Invest your time in learning how to master your “inner states” and not allowing what happens in your outer world to determine how you feel.

Food For Thought.

– Johnny

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