A holistic approach

Wellwood Health has beautifully combined health, fitness social connectivity and spirituality so people will leave genuinely wanting to live a healthier life.

Hiding amongst the high rise buildings on the service road alongside the Pacific Highway at Loganholme, sits a log cabin- the home of a new and totally innovative health care facility, known as Wellwood Health.

Wellwood Health is set in a 1970’s log cabin with over 1000sqm of space nestled between trees and bush land, offering a holistic approach to health and fitness. You will feel a million miles away from your reality, as soon as you step foot in the cabin door.

Our clientele can train with some of the industries best; see a naturopath; enjoy a massage; learn to meditate, enjoy a healthy juice or view the latest in local art.

The Vision

Owner and Creator Lucy, has been in the fitness industry for several years and discovered that people’s health is not confined to just exercise and healthy eating.

Lucy has always felt that this narrowly focused method, inhibited a large number of people from even trying to get healthier, as they didn’t fit the profile of the typical gym member. Experience had shown her that just eating a strict diet or subjecting oneself to sweating long hours in an industrial style environment of an impersonal gym wasn’t achieving life-changing results in the majority of people.

As the experts now tell us – optimal health is a multi-faceted regime compromising of physical fitness, eating natural foods, social connectivity and spirituality. Lucy had a vision to create a community of people who can offer help and guidance in all these areas. Together with her husband, they have developed a unique and tranquil facility that can offer all these elements in the one place.

“I see people come in and they immediately start to relax. They can sense the gentler, more intimate atmosphere here, where they can really unwind and start working on themselves.”

About our Cabins

Wellwood Health is made up of three buildings. The Main Cabin is where the reception is located. This space is extremely homely and many clients enjoy relaxing, unwinding or catching up with friends here before or after classes . You will also find the Pilates room located within the Main Cabin.

The Cabin Hall is where our Yoga classes are held along with our Pilates Barre. This large hall has beautiful artwork on the walls from rotating local artists, for everyone to enjoy. The Cabin Hall also has its very own ‘Mellow Patio’ where clients can meet and relax with friends before or after class.

The third and final cabin that makes up Wellwood Health, is known as the Wellwood Suites – occupied by a community of professionals, where clients can access Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, a Beauty Therapist, Counsellor, Naturopath, Hypnosis, Healing Touch and many more modalities.

Clients Love Us

This morning I drove to Wellwood in the light of the moon, arrived at yoga to tranquil music, lovely incents burning, warm room filled with inspirational art works on the walls, beautiful people and spent an hour practicing yoga ???????????? what a perfectly beautiful way to start the day. Thank you so much xxx


I joined Wellwood Health from the recommendation of a friend after feeling very frustrated with the ‘regular’ gym experience and not getting any results. I believe Lucy has found the perfect recipe for a gym, its a little more expensive but when i look at the results of have achieved I see it as an investment in my health. I wasted a lot of money joining gyms I didn’t attend. The small classes and personal attention make it very good value. I look forward to going three – four days a week. I enjoy a variety of the classes with Pilates as my favourite. I have lost weight and have developed strength and fitness levels I never thought I would get to at my age ( 54yrs), The main reason I keep going back I think though is that I don’t feel like a number on a list I feel like its a place where everyone shares the values of improved health, and its in very homelike, friendly environment. Even my husband has joined now and that’s amazing!


I’ve joined the “usual” type of gym in the past and never went back after my first consultation as I left feeling deflated. I had such a different experience after Wellwood. I really liked the warm atmosphere of the cabin from the moment I walked in there. I can feel the owners heart and soul has been invested there.